11: Friday fuel for bouncing back…


Its only 9.24am on Friday 19th January and I have already gone through a multitude of emotions, from a sense of excitement to serious disappointment, from motivation and enthusiasm to sadness and rumination, and then turning it around to acceptance and determination.

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9: Banishing Blue Monday


I’m sure that most people will have woken up this morning and read in the paper that today, the third Monday in the month of January, is tarnished with “the most depressing day of the year” brush. To be honest looking outside it’s grey, drizzly, cold and altogether pretty dreary. A man trod on my foot on the tube, a woman proceeded to hit me in the head with her umbrella as I walked to work, and I woke up at 5.58am this morning for no apparent reason whatsoever. Sounds like a miserable morning so far right? Wrong!

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8: Friday fun-day!


It’s the end of another January working week – huzzah! Well done for making it this far and remember, you are awesome for simply being able to get to the weekend, even if the prospect of sobriety looms… (Sorry Francesco – it’s my Mums birthday this weekend, I’m having some wine tomorrow whether your diet approves or not!)

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7: You are always good enough

bigstock-portrait-of-lovely-girls-drawi-42948226-medium.jpgOne of the things which I have struggled with for a long time is being a ‘perfectionist’. I can remember from the age of 6 years old, sitting on my Year 1 primary school carpet, stressing out over how my teacher would think badly of me if I didn’t do my handwriting neatly. Continue reading “7: You are always good enough”

6: Fulfilment; is it really as simple as a good cup of coffee?


I saw an article today on a well-known newspaper’s website which had asked Londoners to write down what fulfilment means to them. Some of the examples which came up were;

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5: Hello Monday my old friend…

Snow Falls In New York City On First Day Of Spring

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