60: Teamwork; does it really make the dream work?


In December, a lot of us reflect on the year gone by through the making of personal ‘My Best Bits’ lists. What were the most memorable articles, books, songs, quotes, jokes, tweets, blog posts, sunsets, holidays, meals and photos of 2018? For many people, that list has a strange quirk: it contains not one but two sections, if you will. Were they with other people, or did you go about them by yourself?

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59: Young People; Mind over Matter


Placebos have always intrigued me.  A placebo is a fake pill and has no physical or psychological effect on the person who is given the tablets.  Placebos are often used in scientific trials to find out whether a new drug is effective. You give one group the new drug and the ‘control group’ the placebo so you can see any differences between the two.  The placebo effect is when any effect, positive or negative, comes out in the control group.

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58: Self-Sabotage: What is it, and why do we do it?


A recent phenomenon I have been interested in exploring is that of self-sabotage. Let’s firstly start with a definition. Behavior is said to be selfsabotaging when it creates problems in our life and interferes with long-standing goals. So, we make short-term compensation for things through a multitude of avenues (which we will explore here…) because we think that these behaviours will help us to cope. However, it seems that the long-term effects of this behaviour can be detrimental. Let’s delve into it…

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57: The Inner Workings of an Anxious Mind


Do you ever get that feeling in one part of your body that you can’t shake off when you’re feeling a sort of tension, or worry, and there’s one part of your physical being that holds on to it? I have come to realise that most people who experience anxiety are able to look, on the surface, as if they are functioning really well. But underneath, they are like a swan who’s legs are paddling furiously at the water trying to keep afloat.

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56: Why are we so lonely?


55,000 people took part in the BBC’s Loneliness Experiment in collaboration with Wellcome Collection, making it the largest survey of its kind in the world. The focus? How lonely we feel.

I had a listen to the ‘All in the Mind’ podcast today and they discussed the findings. It was really interesting, surprising and some of it shocking. I decided therefore to note down some of my thoughts on what this survey seems to suggest…

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54: Noticing me… Week 3


Wooahhhhh we’re (more than) half way there. Let’s dive in shall we?

Day 15 – Oh my goodness the sleep was poor last night. I don’t know if it was just because it was a typically Sunday worrying session, the heating coming on when it’s actually still 20 degree outside (really, October?!), or if I just had too many things whirring around in my head. Either way, my Monday was productive and I had a good session at University in the evening.

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