56: Why are we so lonely?


55,000 people took part in the BBC’s Loneliness Experiment in collaboration with Wellcome Collection, making it the largest survey of its kind in the world. The focus? How lonely we feel.

I had a listen to the ‘All in the Mind’ podcast today and they discussed the findings. It was really interesting, surprising and some of it shocking. I decided therefore to note down some of my thoughts on what this survey seems to suggest…

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55: A belated ‘Noticing Me…’ for the final time


It was the final week. I was dedicated and started with extremely good intentions. I thought this week, I’m going to boss this challenge; I don’t need alcohol or social media. How wrong I was.

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54: Noticing me… Week 3


Wooahhhhh we’re (more than) half way there. Let’s dive in shall we?

Day 15 – Oh my goodness the sleep was poor last night. I don’t know if it was just because it was a typically Sunday worrying session, the heating coming on when it’s actually still 20 degree outside (really, October?!), or if I just had too many things whirring around in my head. Either way, my Monday was productive and I had a good session at University in the evening.

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53: Noticing Me… Week 2

Second week off the proverbial wagon and I am writing another blog post about what I have noticed. I didn’t anticipate it to be totally different, but some things come out of the blue I suppose…

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52: Noticing me… Week 1


Every Monday I thought I would post an update on by ‘Sober from Social Media October’ journey. Let’s see what differences arise with no booze in my system and no ‘comparison apps’ on my phone! Here goes my summary of Week One…

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51: See you later alligator

Social Media Out of Office Checklist

So the time has come for me to embark on 31 days of zero booze and zero social media. I have to say, I’ve been strangely looking forward to it because I’ve realised that I spend about an hour and a half every day staring at my screen, watching other people ‘living their best lives’ and feeling miserable afterwards. I wanted to write a short post to say what I am planning to do over the next 31 days that will be part of my ‘experiment’. What will I do with all of my ‘extra’ time?

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50: Is there an echo in here?

n and e

Echoism; a new phenomenon I have only just come across. What does it mean? In the myth of Narcissus, Echo, the nymph who eventually falls madly in love with Narcissus, has been cursed to repeat back the last few words she hears. Somehow, in modern day psychological terms, this rings true for what ‘echoists’ do with those around them…

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