40: Friday freaking-the-f*ck-out day


I should warn you in advance that, due to 12 WHOLE DAYS without a blog post, this is going to be a longer one! Ok, here we go…

We all experience intense anxiety sometimes. But unfortunately, for some people, “freaking out” is a weekly or even daily occurrence. It’s not the healthiest reaction to have on a regular basis; I should know, it happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.

Some people live in complete fear of the uncontrollable and the unknown. As a result, they experience ordinary stressors as life-or-death situations when in reality they’re simply over-thinking. What can we do then, to stop our whirring brains from totally cascading into a spiral of madness?

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39: Patience; it’s a virtue for a reason…


In the world in which we live, we are all getting less and less patient. We live in a society where everything can be given to us at the drop of a hat. We don’t have to wait in line in the shops, we can just get everything delivered through the internet. We don’t have to wait for ‘the one’ to approach us in a bar, we can simply download a dating app and start swiping. We don’t even have to wait for our friends to arrive when they’re running late – our phones constantly supply us with unlimited entertainment opportunities!

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38: Friday Fun-day – a life on the ocean way…


Last weekend I spent 2 days in Edinburgh walking around and doing touristy things with one of my oldest friends. We breathed in lots of fresh air, saw gorgeous architecture and countryside, strolled through little-cobbled villages and wandered in marvellous markets. It most definitely didn’t feel as busy or as rushed as London, and I couldn’t help but wonder why it left me feeling so refreshed…

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37: Friday Fun-day: Seeking vs Settling

Girl with complexes

We go through life setting goals for ourselves to improve our wellbeing. For example, at the start of 2018 I decided to write this blog, to lose weight, and to keep a gratitude journal. All of these I have (amazingly) kept up, and we’re nearly in June, which is great! But, have I actually stopped and appreciated these things? Have I seen them as successes? The answer is not really. I am consistently looking forward to the future, and to what I can do next.

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36: Hope – what does it actually do?


It’s a funny thing isn’t it, hoping for something? Hope is the belief that circumstances will get better. It’s not a wish – it’s the actual belief, the knowledge, if you will, that things will improve, no matter how big or small. For example, it’s the belief that at after a robbery where you’ve lost your home, car and possessions, that you still have your health and family, and that you can start over. It is the steadfast determination of the cancer patient who fights, believing that eventually, a cure will come. It’s the woman who has lost her job, has a family to support and knows that new employment is just around the corner as long as she keeps looking. Everything will work out ok… in the end.

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35: Friday Funday; When I was 15…


I logged on to LinkedIn today and saw that it was celebrating its 15th birthday. There is a banner at the top of the page asking people to write an article on the things that they were doing when they were 15. This got me rolling back the years in my mind to ask myself what I was like when I was this age, and what I thought I would be doing at the age I am now (25, just in case you were wondering). So here goes…

When I was 15…

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34: Something in the stars…


Since I was a little girl, I have always been a keen reader of magazines and newspapers, firstly for the hard-hitting journalism, but also for the makeup tips, bad date stories, and for the horoscopes at the back.

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